What Do Students Really Think About Gun Control?

With the recent string of mass shootings in high schools nationwide,including the seventeen lives lost in Parkland, Florida,  gun control has become a hot topic around the United States. Although not directly affected by the shooting, some students hold their own opinions on what should be done about these attacks.


Sophomore Dabney Murphy, said the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School haven’t changed her opinions on gun control, only strengthened them.


“I have always thought there should be universal background checks, bringing back the assault rifle ban, and allowing the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to keep electronic records [of guns],” she said.


In Murphy’s mind, regulation and awareness are the two main ways to combat gun violence in America.


“Guns should be regulated by making a limit on how many [assault] weapons should be able to be purchased. It’s important to also have a good culture and awareness around gun control which is getting better but not complete,” she said.


To get change in America, Murphy says lawmakers must do their job to get things done, unlike what they have done in the past.


“ Our lawmakers have not dealt with control well at all. They need to actually pass gun legislation to make this country a safer place. Lawmakers act like it’s a mental health problem but a mental health problem wouldn’t involve seventeen innocent lives lost,” she said


On the other side of the aisle sits Murphy’s fellow peer Jack Gould, a sophomore whose opinions on the topic are much different. These recent shootings and demonstrations have not changed his previous feelings on gun control.


“I feel this whole debate and ideas have become a little excessive. I believe in the second amendment and think people should have the right to defend themselves and it shouldn’t be taken away,” he said.


To solve this problem of gun violence, Gould proposes to find a way away to get less bad people with guns and more good people with them.


“I think there are some other opportunities to protect students such as using retired veterans to guard schools. This would make school a safer place and give jobs to former soldiers who would be great for the job,” he said.


Gould agrees lawmakers could do more but ultimately believes that shootings are a mental health issue, not gun issue.


“I think that lawmakers could make it a little harder to purchase a gun by creating tougher background checks to make sure bad people can’t get their hands on these weapons. This was totally a mental health problem because a normal person doesn’t have the thought to kill a bunch of people,” he said.


Although there are many opinions on the topic of gun control, everyone can agree that students should have the right to be safe at school.