Review: Basketball Shoes Recently Released

Air Jordan 32

Air Jordan 32

Air Jordan 32

The Air Jordan 32 (also known as Air Jordan XXXII) was released on September 23,, 2017. These shoes cost $185, which is a quite expensive, but may be worth the price for some customers. (The price is also dependent on what color you choose.) The Air Jordan 32 is available in every sneaker shop with slightly different prices. Some athletes aren’t pleased with the shoes because they found the traction to be weak, which is strange because the Air Jordan 32 was made with a different kind of rubber than the previous versions, designed to grip very well. The previous shoes–Air Jordan 28, 29, 30, and 31–only differed in design.

The Air Jordan 32 is also a huge step in basketball shoes industry because the Air Jordan official company decided that the Air Jordan 31 would be the final series shoes, but the company suddenly announced the September release of the Air Jordan 32. No one was expecting the dramatic increase in quality–the shoes had good traction, good cushion and amazing support. Basketball shoe experts said in reviews that they were impressed with the performance of the shoes. Players who are looking for performance-enhancing gear and good mix of comfort and function would love these shoes.

Air Jordan Why Not zero.1

The Air Jordan Why Not zero.1 was released on January 15, 2018 by Westbrook Shoes. The shoes come with a price tag of $130, which is pricey but more affordable than some of their competitors. The price doesn’t vary from store to store, like some other pairs. The Why Not zero.1 is also available from Finish Line, Sports Champ, and more retailers. The bottoms of the shoes have micro patterns with tiny rubber blades that act like a brushes, pushing dirt away. Athletes looking for advanced traction technology would appreciate these shoes.

Nike KD 10

The Nike KD 10 was released on March 29, 2018. These shoes cost approximately $150, which is a mid-range price for basketball sneakers. The KD10 features are similar to the set-up of the KD9. The KD10 has all the basic support athletes need. The main support comes from its fit–if you find the right size, the heel padding works wonderfully and supports your foot comfortably. These shoes are available at every sneaker shop with varying prices. The price also varies depending on which color a customer chooses. Overall, the shoes have a lot of great features that all types of basketball players will most likely enjoy.

Nike LeBron 15

The Nike LeBron 15 was released on March 15, 2018. The Nike LeBron costs $185, so they’re tied with the Air Jordan 32 as the most expensive basketball shoes being reviewed. These shoes are widely available in every sneaker shop, but price varies between store and color. Some sneakerheads/experts would not recommend playing in the LeBron 15 outdoors. Athletes who value their shoes’ cushion above all else will love these, but their function, especially outside, is lacking.

Nike PG 2

The Nike PG 2 was released on February 24, 2018. They cost $110, the cheapest pair being reviewed. Furthermore, they’re widely available and price doesn’t vary according to shop or color. The traction, cushion, support, and fit are highly praised by reviewers. Any fans of the brand should definitely try these shoes on.