A Week of New Music

Golden Hour

Golden Hour

Sunday: A Good Night

Artist: John Legend

Release Date: April 6

Sunday begs for a chill, groovy tune as you procrastinate and dread Monday. John Legend’s A Good Night is perfect for forgetting your problems and prolonging the peace of the weekend.

Memorable Lyric:

I know it’s gonna be a good night

I think I just met my wife (alright)

Monday: Be Careful

Artist: Cardi B

Release Date: March 30

With an easy, simple beat, Cardi B warns her lover with this quirky rap song. She’s exhausted of the mistreatment and drama, this song reminds us of another thing we’re tired of: Mondays.

Memorable Lyric:

My heart is like a package with the fragile label on it

Be careful with me

Tuesday: Us

Artist: James Bay

Release Date: March 30

James Bay offers a sad, melodic tune with his song Us–it’s perfect for a slow Tuesday.  The lyrics provide strength and optimism for the weekend.

Memorable Lyric:

Tell me when the light goes out

That even in the dark we will find a way out

Tell me now ’cause I believe in something

I believe in us

Wednesday: Chasing Fire

Artist: Lauv

Release Date: March 29

Lauv’s Chasing Fire is a great Wednesday pick-me-up. Pop influences inspire this upbeat, energetic and electric tune.

Memorable Lyric:

It’s like dancing when the song’s already over

Moving without getting any closer, oh

I’m chasing fire when I’m running after you

Thursday: Dark Spring

Artist: Beach House

Release Date: April 4

Thursday calls for a reflective mood as we prepare for the weekend ahead.  Beach House’s Dark Spring is haunting and dreamy.

Memorable Lyric:

The world’s colliding

A new dividing,

The color’s missing

Upon the dark spring

Friday: I’ll Wait for You

Artist: Jason Aldean

Release Date: April 6

This country-based rock song is a great pick for Friday. This song’s early-2000s vibe  is perfect for kicking back at home or driving country roads.

Memorable Lyric:

These fields don’t grow overnight

This town wasn’t built in a day

Some things you love are worth the wait

Worth the wait

Saturday: Golden Hour

Artist: Kasey Musgraves

Release Date: March 30

Musgrave’s new song Golden features light and airy vocals with strums of the acoustic guitar. This song feels like summer and is, true to its name, warm and glowy. It’s perfect for a peaceful and carefree Saturday afternoon.

Memorable Lyric:

Baby don’t you know?

That you’re my golden hour

The color of my sky