5 Ways to Get a 5: AP Exam Review


Stressed about the upcoming AP (Advanced Placement) exams? Here are six different ways to review before May 7th.

1) Review Books

Between Barron’s, Princeton Review, and 5 Steps to a 5, every AP exam is covered in these comprehensive review books. These books are perfect for relearning an entire course and doing practice reviews. These are some of the most recommended review guides on the market:

The Princeton Review: Cracking the AP US History Exam (around $15)

AP US Government and Politics Crash Course Book (around $15)

5 Steps to a 5 AP Physics 1 (around $15)

CliffNotes AP Language and Composition

CliffNotes AP Environmental Science

5 Steps to a 5 AP Psychology

2) Crash Course

The Green Brothers and their team have made multiple video series that cover a huge variety of (but not every) AP course. The light tone and fast pace make these videos entertaining as well as educational. They may not be written specifically for AP review, but they still work as a a way to break down subjects by specific ideas. These videos work both for addressing specific sections of the curriculum as well as bingeing the entire series to get a last-minute overview.


3) Khan Academy

It’s hard to beat Khan Academy. Between quizzes, videos, worksheets, and lessons, each AP math class is broken down into the smallest of pieces, so it’s easy to clarify particular lessons or units interactively. In addition to their math content, they offer equally in-depth courses in US History, Government, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Micro Macro.


4) College Board Website

The AP course section of the College Board website offers far more than just review questions. The course outlines given provide a summary of what students are expected to know, while the scoring guides and released questions show what to expect of the test and how it is graded. This is incredibly helpful for classes such as Language and Literate, where the tests are based on skills more so than facts, and for students less secure in their test-taking than their understanding of the curriculum.


5) Review Podcasts

Review podcasts, usually made by teachers, are an easy way to review while also doing something else. They break down the curriculum into sections as separate episodes and run through the outlined curriculum. Here are some recommended podcasts:

Fitz AP Gov Review

David Busch AP US History Review

Peeveyhouse’s AP Biology Podcast