Album Review: Invasion of Privacy and Total Xanarchy


Invasion of Privacy

Cardi B’s latest album, Invasion of Privacy, exposes her more complex interior. Her most screamed song in 2017 Bodak Yellow is included on the album with another popular track, Bartier Cardi (feat. 21 Savage). This song is almost as entertaining and as popular as Bodak Yellow. In this album, you hear more of Cardi singing, which is a change of tone from what she has previously produced. Invasion of Privacy took time for Cardi B to debut because she wanted to get it right. Many stars, like Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres and Offset, have said they loved the album. The artists featured on this album showed their thanks to Cardi and her fans on Instagram as well. This rapper’s pregnancy doesn’t stop her from performing and making amazing music, and her fans have noticed–she is receiving massive congratulations her for both her pregnancy and her singing, and her ability to balance the two.


Total Xanarchy

Lil Xan’s new album Total Xanarchy shows his emotional distress with each song. Lil Xan’s style is somewhere between a Lil Uzi Vert and Lil Peep. The track Who I Am depicts his backstory and how Xanax affected his life. The lyrics “ these little things don’t take you or define you” give the listeners self-assurance. The inspiration behind this album is that he made it a while ago when he wasn’t on any drugs and was just experimenting with sound and music. Another song that shows how big Lil Xan is getting is Tick Tock (feat.2 Chainz); you hear “I got tick tock, diamonds, big rocks” showing that he has come a long way throughout his career. When the singer made this album, he doubted himself, but he then dropped his two singles and it hit 10 million in a month on YouTube. Lil Xan is rising.