The Top 10 Trending Shows on Netflix Right Now

  1. The Office–  Pictures the day to day life of people of different personalities working at a Paper company called Dunder Mifflin, where a crazy boss takes over and tries to save it. (quirky, humorous, romantic)” I like The Office because it’s funny, it’s stupid and it honestly, makes me feel better about my life”. -Sophomore Sydney Himes
  2. How to Get Away With Murder-A group of determined law students and their criminal defense professor teaching a class called “How to Get Away With Murder”, become involved in a murder plot that guarantees to change their lives.  (crime, suspense)” The ways that people explain how different things work, the forensics and the science are great. If you’re interested in science and criminal investigations, it’s a good show.” – Freshman Khadija Chapman
  3. Criminal Minds– A criminal law professor challenges her students who make up defense cases for the guilty. The characters try to solve crimes and understand the minds of criminals. (crime, action thriller)“It depicts real-life scenarios. Every case goes through a process of real life, It’s pretty cool.”- Freshman Gabriel Avila
  4. Greys Anatomy– Meredith Gray and other dedicated doctors struggle with life-and-death decisions at Seattle Grace Hospital and their own personal lives. (emotional, romantic, drama)“I like Grey’s Anatomy because it teaches you stuff about being a doctor, being a nurse what you go through during your career. I actually want to be a nurse, so I can also learn from it. There’s also other drama between the characters, but you can learn about how you deal with patients and care for them.”- Freshman Lisbeth Benavides
  5. On My Block–  A series about a group of four friends and their life in high school, along with struggles with their personal lives. The series approaches many social issues such as gang violence, and racism. There is also self-development between the characters making them more interesting. (emotional, romantic)“I like it because I can kind of relate because I’m Hispanic, and a lot of the things they go through…. It’s like an emotional rollercoaster.” -Freshman Lisbeth
  6. Riverdale– People in their town are shaken by a murder of a high school student. An emotional mystery series about a group of friends trying to cope with the loss and looking into the murder case, while sorting out their feelings for each other. (teen drama, mystery, romance)“It’s literally the best show! It has a lot of drama, they go in depth with characters and it’s mostly about teens”. -Freshman, Clay Clarke
  7. Friends – A sitcom about a group of friends and their relationships and struggles together, over the course of 10 years. The characters who are in their mid-twenties learn what true friendship is through their troubles and memorable times.“It’s an extremely funny show I like Ross because he’s a really interesting person. He always gets away with everything.”- Sophomore Mitchell Flores Kaplan
  8. Jane the Virgin–  A medical slip-up leads Jane to a pregnancy she was not expecting. While struggling with her love life she tries to focus on what’s best for the baby.“It has a lot of twists and turns the characters are hilarious, the plot line is planned out very well, the narration gives more insight on the characters, so you know what’s going on. As you go on with the show it gets crazier and crazier, so it just gets intense and then it creates suspense so that you just “have” to watch the show.” Freshman, Sofia Parkins.
  9. Stranger Things– After a member of a group of friends goes missing, people of a small town discover a sinister monster and secrets of a government lab. While searching for their friend they come across Eleven, a mysterious girl who takes action, and unfolds secrets with her mind.“I liked the characters. Especially the character Eleven. She’s mysterious and brings character to the whole story. She’s good at manipulating, and I like how she can control things with her mind.”- Freshman Kimberly Claros
  10. Greenhouse Academy– Teen siblings enter an elite boarding school after the recent loss of their mother. Two rival houses come together to conquer challenges of an evil plot.“It has a great plot and the characters are amazing…It’s literally the best Netflix Original!”-Freshman, Jackson Hart