How to Deal with Spring Allergies at School and Home.


Although spring brings warm weather, flowers, and more outdoor activities, it also brings some unfavorable things such as allergies. Spring allergies are mostly contributed to the increase in pollen causing some symptoms that can be tough to deal with in school.

These symptoms include-

  • Runny nose.
  • Watery eyes.
  • Sneezing.
  • Coughing.
  • Itchy eyes and nose.
  • Dark circles under the eyes.

Due to school restrictions it can be tough to treat these symptoms while in class. Here are some options to make your day a little more

At School Treatments –


  1. Tea Time- Bringing tea to school in a thermos mug is both an easy and healthy way to relieve symptoms. Hot tea and honey can have a soothing feeling on a sore throat while also opening up your nasal passages allowing you to breath.



  • Staying Hydrated- Make sure to pack an extra large water bottle in your bag if you are feeling allergy symptoms. Staying hydrated, especially if on medicine, will both help your medication work while also moisturizing your throat and keeping your body performing the best it can.


  • Diet Change- Sometimes the change you need starts in your lunchbox. Making sure to pack nutritious foods full of anti-inflammatory agents could be all the difference in how you feel. Try to pack more natural foods full of vitamins and minerals like lemons and leafy greens to fuel your body’s well-being.


  • Spice is Nice- One way to clear your sinuses and get your nose running is to eat some spicy food. Eating something like hot peppers or wasabi at lunch will clear your nose and lead to that sore throat going away. This might not be the option for you if you can’t handle spice but if you can’t stand a stuffy nose, this could be an option.


  • No Smoke- Smoking or Vaping can amplify the pain in your throat greatly. Avoiding any type of smoking device is a definite when it comes to keeping your symptoms bearable and at bay.


Home Relievers-


  • Rinse it Out- A neti-pot or products similar can be all the difference to kick those allergy symptoms. Using the neti-pot once or twice a day can help clear out all the pollen in your nose and relieve both sore throats and stuffy noses. Neti-pots can sometimes seem troublesome but people swear by them and the results are undeniable.


  • Getting Steamy- Putting a hot rag or bowl of hot water over your face can help loosen your stuffy nose and clear out pollen. Making sure you take a shower after being outside can help get all the annoying pollen off of your body and alleviate symptoms.


  • Medicate- If possible, taking medicines such as Allegra and decongestants can make a huge difference in how you feel. They will both help you make it through the day and relieve symptoms. Just be wary of what you’re taking as some medicines may make you drowsy and not concentrated in school.