How Are Teachers Preparing for SOLs?


Mr. Klucharich

Q.How are you going to help your students prepare for the SOL?

Mr.Klucharich (World History 1): “Plenty of review activities, whether it’s individual worksheets that they can do on their own or together, and plenty of interactive games. Kahoot just started doing a live quiz, which makes them collaborate with one another and share notes share answer so that everybody comes to the same conclusion together.”

Mr. Rogers (Biology): We’ve been having after-school review sessions on Thursday collectively from the department. Individual teachers are  having their own review sessions. We’ve been having J Labs just to practice the format of the multiple choice questions. We have a lot of practice that we’ve started to go over in class too, in addition to reviewing some material.

Mr. Pryzwara (World History 2 and AP World History): “I’m making a bunch  quizzes from the whole year that my students learned. I’m also passing out SOL review guides and activities that can help student to learn. But unfortunately, I’m on leave for one or two weeks, so my substitute will give all the packets and activities for the SOL exam. Other teachers might stay on Saturday for extra practice.”