Are You Prepared For Your Exams?


As the 2017-2018 school year nears its end and testing season begins, West Potomac students reflect about their struggles over the year and how they have kept a positive mindset through overwhelming weeks.

Freshman Evie Mulhern sets individual goals to keep herself motivated.

“My goal this year was to be successful in my schoolwork and really learn the ropes of West Potomac for the next four years,” she said. “I want to have a good time with friends and focus on having some fun!”

Freshman Grace Johnson-Hughes shares what goals she was able to accomplish this school year.

“For the most part, I got good grades and now I feel very prepared for my tests.”

Freshman Natalie Tilton also completed her goals of “getting good grades” and “having a really great first year at West Po!”

As these three girls are finishing up their first year in high school, they ponder the difference in the amounts of work their teachers give out to them.

“My workload over this year has been pretty steady,” Mulhern said.

Tilton qualified: “Well, at the beginning of the year it was light, then as it went on it got heavier and heavier.”

The amounts of work these students complete over the course of the year differs because of different teachers.

“I tried to stay as positive as possible with all the homework I had,” Johnson-Hughes said with a smile.

Despite their overall successful year, these students aren’t craving more school.

“Don’t get me wrong–I love studying and getting good grades on things, but I cannot wait until it is summer and there is no more work for a while!”  Mulhern said. Tilton and Johnson-Hughes agreed.

After they were asked how they are studying for their SOL’s/final exams, each of them responded that they were doing all of the review guides, quizzes, packets, and extra credit provided by their teachers.

How will you prepare for your tests?