The New Craze on Social Media: Soap Cutting


2018 has become the year of aesthetics. Soap cutting is one of the newest mesmerizing social media crazes under the bigger brand of ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). Originating from Russia, videos of people using different tools to cut soap bars leave you satisfied and wanting to watch hundreds more; which is easy since it’s everywhere! All you have to do is go to YouTube, Instagram or just search the hashtag “Soap Cutting”.

Whenever I am feeling anxious, stressed, or just want to see something relaxing, I go to my Instagram explore page to find soap cutting videos to make me feel better and allay the stress.  

The social media obsession started in late March, but has steadily gotten more and more popular as time goes on, with new people making new unique ways to cut soap and amuse their social media viewers. 

If you are skeptical about this trend because it could be a waste of soap, don’t worry. The soap is recycled into making new bars or to do different satisfying tricks with the new curled dry soap.

My instagram feed and explore page always has hundreds of different videos to offer, but you have to find the right accounts that show the best and most pleasing videos. The best accounts that offer the most satisfying videos in my opinion are (in no particular order)

  1. @eternal_soap_love

If you are new to the trend, this account is the best to start off with and ease into it. It shows the most basic forms of soap cutting that are satisfying, but not extra fancy, so they will not overwhelm you, but still impress you. Consider it as dipping your toe into the world of satisfying soaps.

  1. @top_offender

This next account is more advanced videos and shows more newer ways of soap cutting like scoring the soap bar into small cubes, then cutting the bar, making a mesmerizing look and sound.

  1. @soap.asms.ns

This account is the most popular and definitely my favorite out of these three; it has more than 195 thousand followers. What I find that was special about this account is that it is so colorful and while scrolling through the feed you see so many different styles and forms that draw you in. This account shows a more unique form past cutting that is curling dry soap and crushing it. Sounds crazy, I know, but give it a chance.

So whenever you are stressed about finals or projects, or even just bored looking for something to catch your eye, the new craze of soap cutting with quench your thirst for amusement.