Father’s Day Gifts



12 Fantastic Father’s Day Gifts for Different Dads

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Cheesy Dad Gifts/ For Funny Dads
Funny Shirt- If you have a sibling, this is the gift for you. Your dad might even wear it.
Dad Joke Book- This book promises to make your dad smile and remind him that his jokes need a little work.
Water Bottle- This will be a great reminder that your dad has a great sense of humour and that you appreciate him.
Mug- If your Dad can’t function without his coffee, this gift with come in handy. It will also be a daily reminder that you love him.
Cute Dad Gifts/ For Sentimental Dads
Keychain- This is one of those things that will make you smile whenever you see it.
Frame- This is a great gift to remember a good memory or just to show him how close you feel to him.
Pillow-If your couch looks empty, you’ve found the perfect thing to fill the space. It is guaranteed to make your dad happy on Father’s Day.
Sport Dad Gifts/ For Athletic Dads
Team Jersey/Shirt-This gift is for the dads who watch the big games every Saturday. No dad can dislike this gift.
Team Cap- If your dad would rather watch sports then TV, I would consider this gift. It is a cheap gift that most dads would actually use.
Everyday Dad Gifts/ For The Dads Who Didn’t Ask For Gifts
Socks-You can’t go wrong with socks, who doesn’t need them. They just come in handy.
Slippers-If you want something more than socks, slippers are the perfect present. If you want to get your dad something he will actually use, this is it.
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