What To Do When You’re Bored In Class


The school year is coming to an end and although there is still work to do and finals students can take a break during free classes. Unless you download your favorite show from Netflix there isn’t really a way you can enjoy them since Netflix has been blocked. Here are some things to do to entertain yourself when your bored in class.

Scroll Through Buzzfeed

-Take fun online quizzes to find out about your personality, future, and kowledge.You can also read pop culture articles, recipes, or learn new DIYs.

Fun Buzzfeed Quizzes

What Emoji Are You?

Can we guess what kind of a person you are?

What Food Matches Your Personality?

What Actually Is your Biggest Flaw

The Cake You Bake Will Reveal The Thing People Admire About You Most

Are You Your Parents Favorite?

Disney Quiz

Can We Describe Your Personality In Three Disney Characters


Classic Paper And Pen Games


-Dots And Boxes

-Tic Tac Toe




Play Some Games On Your Phone

Heads Up -A fun app to play with a group of friends- from the Ellen show.

Perfect Tower-Shape stacking game.

Stampede– Race through a stampede and build a zoo.

Duolingo-Learn a new language or improve using Duolingo.

Flow Free– Connect colored  pipes to create a flow.

Best Fiends– Puzzle Adventure with levels.

Rise Up-Challenging game to defend a balloon from obstacles.

Ilovehue-Arrange the color spectrum in an order.

Flappy Golf– Flap through obstacles and beat records.

Sandbox Coloring-Color in images.


Take A Nap

-If there is absolutely nothing else to do in class, go for it!


Scroll Through Social Media

-Instagram, Twitter etc


Read A Book

-Look through a yearbook


Text Someone

-Tell your mom how much you love her


Help Your Teacher Organize The Classroom

-Take down the old stuff for next year


Shop Online

-Shop for the summer



-Talk to the people around you



-If you still have finals