Yellow Cards: Everything You Need To Know


As the fall season comes closer to an end, the winter and spring seasons are right around the corner. This means that preseason preparation for many sports are coming up, but there is multiple things any person interested must do before becoming eligible.

What is a yellow card and how do you get one?

A yellow card is what is used to participate and be eligible for a sport,” Mr. Reynolds (Assistant Director of Student Activities) says. “To get one, you must come to my office in Student Activities (located in Gunston) and speak to me.” The process in filling out a Yellow Card is a bit more complicated than you may think.

What is the process of getting a yellow card like?

All things such as forms you must complete are all located on the West Po Athletics Website and on the FCPS website, but there are specific forms that must be completed as said by Mr. Reynolds, “There is a Concussion Education Program which both parents and students must go through. It is also very important to have a valid Physical Examination form on file from a doctor.”  Another important thing to know is that ANYONE interested must be passing any 5 of 7 classes to participate.

Is there any Preseason Training if so, when do they begin?

At West Po, there is Green Days which are Early Conditioning Sessions conducted for sports prior to the season beginning. Dates are provided by coaches of each sport. Mr. Reynolds also added that, “Interest meetings will be announced over the PA and I will be posting them on our website ( where you will find everything you need to know about the athletics we provide.”