New Parking Code Curbs Cavalier Commute Concerns


First-time online parking pass sales, a growing student population, and a code change in the neighborhood around the school are some of the changes that occurred to the parking situation at West Potomac High School before the 2018-2019 school year.
This August, parking passes were put up for sale online, and according to security, they sold out very quickly. While it seemed like a hassle for some students, the security team at West Potomac says it eliminated a week’s worth of work, a large amount of paperwork, and the large chaotic line that was used before. According to them, only 300 of the 600 spots on campus were available for students, and with the population increasing once again, many students were unable to purchase one. According to Ms. Darlene Snyder, the Student Info Assistant, there are 49 more Juniors and Seniors than last year, meaning there are 1,245 upperclassmen, even more eligible drivers than before.
Eleventh grader “Colby” Deassure, who is one of those students, now gets creative with how he parks. Deassure leaves for school earlier than last year so he can try and get a spot along Quander Road. “I used to leave the house around 7:40 to get here but now its like 7:25. My friend’s grandmother lives near West Po and if I don’t make it here on time, I’ll park in her driveway,” he said. He used to park along Cavalier Drive last year, but this year, that isn’t an option.
The residents of Cavalier Drive proposed a code change to the Fairfax County Department of Transportation disallowing parking on Cavalier from 8am-3:30pm. The residents of Cavalier needed 60% of the households in the parking zone to sign, and they got enough, according to a Department of Transportation representative.
In the past, on a school day around eight in the morning on Cavalier Drive, cars lined the road, creating a one-way street for the rest of traffic. According to a homeowner in the area, residents were displeased with the amount of activity and accidents stopping or blocking their commute. With the street clear, traffic moves much faster without  parked cars, but as a result, a large amount of West Po students are left without a reliable place to park.