New Coffee Shop Brewing in West Po


The new “Brew-Tea-ful”  Cafe is in a soft opening at the moment at the Pulley Center, located in Gunston near the greenhouse. It’s available to students and staff, ready for the grand opening sometime in March, according to Mr. Winterstein, a Pulley Center teacher.

The cafe is open Monday-Thursday from 8:30 am until 2:00pm, though  closed between 10:15 and 11am, Winterstein said, serving a variety of beverages ranging from coffee and tea to lattes with cup sizes of small, medium and large. Prices start at $1 and go up to $3.

When it comes to when students may come to the coffee shop, Mr. Bickel, principal of the Pulley Center, said, “Students can come, but can’t be late to their classes. If a student comes with a pass, then it’s ok.” There is also an option to pre-order according to Ms. Pyne, PHTA. There is also an option to place an order and pick it up afterwards.  

The idea to open the cafe came from Mr. Symanski, employment and transition representative (ETR), as he has experience with the concept. “It was something he taught before in Cleveland,”  Symanski said.  “The benefits of focusing on independent living skills and employability skills all come together by opening this cafe,” he continued. The coffee is made by Pulley Center interns who are preparing themselves for potential employment opportunities in the community similar to that of the Brew-Tea- Ful cafe.