Cultural Exchange Program Offered

Some students are interested in a 10 day Japanese cultural exchange program hosted at Princeton University. (HSD) or High School Diplomats is cultural program divided into two parts HSD U.S. and HSD Japan. Both take place over the Summer. HSD U.S. is the first part of the program, which as stated above is a ten day cultural exchange with students visiting from Japan at Princeton. 

Junior Harper Casey was a part of HSD U.S. last summer, and in his stay, he was paired with a Japanese student who stayed with him. Before the Princeton portion of the program begins, it is encouraged that American students host Japanese students for a homestay. According to Casey, “roommates tend to grow very close by the end of the program.” During the stay at Princeton there are various cultural exchange events, presentations, and games. HSD Japan, the second part of the program, is a trip similar to the Japanese trip to America, but reversed. “They tour various cities and popular cities along with a homestay and university visit with a Japanese roommate,” Casey explained. You must complete HSD U.S. to apply for HSD Japan. The application process and additional information can be found at or contact Harper Casey through mobile text (571-585-4545).