In Support of the Cumulative Quarterly Test

The math department and the students within it have battled over the concept of retakes in class for years at West Potomac. As many may know, the decision that has been settled upon is one all encompassing test at the end of every quarter that now replaces one test grade from the previous quarter. In some cases, there are extra criteria that need to be met in order to take this test, such as completing all homework assigned, or doing test corrections prior to the test. This Cumulative Quarter Test(CQT) is a necessity due to its existence being clearly stated, its ability to let a student gain a higher grade than before, and its college preparatory nature.

First and foremost, each student has been informed of the cumulative quarter test’s existence. It is only fair that students are aware of retake policies, and the specific policies of each class are stated in the syllabus at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, each student should take into consideration their ability and whether it matches up with the rigor of the class. If a student cannot reach a satisfactory grade without a retake for every test, perhaps that level is not the one for them. The option is available for every student to drop down to a lower level if necessary at any time. This being said, the test is present in almost every math class at West Potomac, so studying more could be a better option than dropping out of a higher level class.

Another plus of the CQT is that it does allow students to gain a grade that is higher than the one they may have gotten on a previous test. Even though some other departments allow students to retake every test after a sub par grade is gotten, those may only let students get a grade as high as 80%. In many cases, the CQT allows students to gain up to a hundred percent after taking the test, boosting the grade higher than would a mere 80. It is also better to be able to retake a single test than not being able to retake any at all. Imagine having no way to change a horrific test grade that lowers your average by a gruesome amount. It doesn’t sound fun, does it? Students are just too used to having an easy way out in other classes that the kind gesture that is the CQT seems like an obscenity.

Finally, many students at West Potomac plan on entering college after completing high school, a much larger giant than the lower level math classes they are taking now. Most colleges will not offer retakes after a test is failed, and the math department is just preparing its students to become more familiar with failure and the work ethic needed to pass a difficult class. University is harder than a lot of people may realize, and preparation is needed for the difficulty those classes may hold. It is often found that taking more difficult classes is better in the long run for preparing students for the future!

In conclusion, the clearly stated retake policy, generous grade boost, and preparation for post-high school aspirations is why the cumulative quarter test is a perfect idea for classes at West Potomac. Not every class is going to hand students an A, and many need to learn this fact quickly so they know what they’re signing up for. Hopefully more people realize that this test is a great opportunity to put in hard work and get a great deal out of a difficult class. Though controversial, the CQT is more valuable than many West Po students realize and should be taken seriously by those taking classes here.