Complete Your Census Today on US Census Day


April 1, 2020, is Census Day and FCPS is encouraging everyone who can respond to the Census today to do so. Those who can take it can find it on the US Census website. Today is the deadline to respond.


It is important that all those who can be counted be counted, as it determines seats in the House of Representatives, and the results determine how billions of dollars will flow into communities to improve them such as money for schools or road improvements, according to the U.S. Census Bureau in their March 12, 2020 letter to residents.


The letter asks respondents to complete the survey online. Those who do not respond online will be sent a follow-up questionnaire. By law, all responses are kept confidential, according to The U.S. Census Bureau.


For more information, below is the link to the website, or type “US Census” into a search engine.