How businesses are giving back during the COVID-19 pandemic


Verb bars distributed to healthcare workers on the front lines. Photo was sent in to #verblove on Instagram.

The effects of this pandemic have hit close to home for all of us for obvious reasons, including restricting our outings and limiting who we can be around. But in the midst of the chaos, in an effort to brighten the days of many, these businesses are finding a way to give back to the communities and to the amazing workers on the frontlines of this crisis.


Most of us have enjoyed a warm fluffy doughnut from Krispy Kreme at some point, at home, or for a treat at a classroom party, but now they are offering a free one dozen doughnuts to health care workers every Monday. A sweet start to anyone’s morning, especially the fighters who are working tirelessly to save the lives of our loved ones. The business is offering this deal to “anyone who works at a hospital, as well as physicians, nurses, surgeons, psychologists, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, and their staff,” according to its “Response to COVID-19” on May 14. See below for more details:

 Additionally, a free dozen doughnuts were given to anyone in the graduating class of 2020 on Tuesday, May 19.


Verb energy bars, a small 12 person company creating coffee substitutes, and afternoon pick-me-ups in bar form using organic green tea, have raised the bar for all of us. For every 2 bars purchased, they donate a bar to a health-care worker to help them get through their long shifts. So far, the small company has sent over 500,000 bars to healthcare workers around the country, according to the Verb Energy website. Although this generous company has succeeded in reaching its goal of donating 500,000 bars, this is not the end. The company is still working to provide verb bars to many hospitals around the country. Check them out, and consider contributing to the cause.


Uber, home of the modern taxi, is also offering its own form of thank you to health care workers on the front lines. They are offering free meals delivered by Ubereats and discounted rides to help transport nurses and doctors. They have pledged to provide 10 million free rides and meals to people in need, including senior citizens. Uber encourages users to support over 100,000 small businesses by eliminating the delivery fees on meals. They have also built a new service called Uber Freight that donates the delivery of essential goods like food, face masks, and hospital beds to healthcare facilities and food banks across the US and Canada as stated on their website. What can you do? Uber urges you to stay home if you can. “If you stop moving, together we can end this virus.” Check out their other commitments below:



More locally, Grounded Coffee Shop off Telegraph Road in Alexandria, Virginia has been seeking donations to be used to purchase food from their shop to then be delivered to local hospitals throughout Northern Virginia. The money supports the shop which is sure to be struggling due to lack of regular customers, in a way that also benefits others. They cleverly are solving 2 problems with a single GoFundMe page located on their website. Although donations are no longer being accepted, the small coffee shop has raised over 10,000 dollars to support both their small business and the medical personnel who are receiving the tasty treats.


Looking for a new pass time or hobby? Audible is offering free audiobooks to students and anyone else who feels like learning something new. Another business that is giving back to not just workers on the front lines, is Joanne Fabrics. They are generously donating to the community, supplies, and instructions to make cloth masks for people in need, as well as serving as a dropoff site for donations of completed masks. Click the link below for instructions:


How can you give back?

Feeling inspired by these benevolent businesses? By supporting any of them you are already helping them continue to give back, but there are still more things you can do. Donate to nonprofits responding to the pandemic such as Feeding America, where just $1 can provide up to 10 meals for people in need. If you can’t donate your money, donate your time. Help make masks and send them to people in need using Joanne Fabric’s resources. Reach out to local charities or research places to volunteer at around you. They have jobs from anything to answering hotlines remotely, to delivering meals to the elderly via contactless delivery. Reach out to an elderly neighbor and offer to mow their grass, run small errands, or take other tasks off their hands. But most of all, stay home, if possible, and stay safe.


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