Teacher Feature: Mr. Pabich

Photo Credit to Mr. Pabich

Photo Credit to Mr. Pabich

Mr. Pabich has not been at West Po for very long, but still manages to be a student favorite. He is currently teaching 12th grade Dual Enrollment, along with English 9 Honors. He has been teaching since 1990 and has taught many grade levels, from young children all the way up to university level. 

Before teaching at West Po, Mr. Pabich taught in Taiwan for two years and at George Mason for 20 years. Mr. Pabich joined us at West Po in 2019 and has taught all grade levels. The profession of teaching has been “like a family business,” Pabich said. He has many relatives who have taught and his mother was a teacher as well. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Pabich loves music and playing guitar. In fact, he has several different guitars on display in his house. Some other things he likes to do in his free time are reading, exercising, and cooking.

Mr. Pabich has always had a passion for writing and has enjoyed teaching English to students. When asked what he enjoys most about teaching, Mr. Pabich said that he appreciated the teacher-student interaction most and talking about English with them. This is one reason why virtual learning has been so strenuous. He likes doing in-class work and projects, where he can walk around and check up on students. It is much harder now to interact with students which is a vital part of having a good education. 

Although there are many positive aspects of teaching, Mr. Pabich expressed that one of one of the most difficult things is how many varieties of students there are. There are some students who come ready to learn, while others aren’t very engaged in the subject. “You put all of those people together and it’s a challenge working on the same material with everybody,” he explains. Even though it can be tough at times, he says that “It’s an exciting challenge. It’s hard, but it’s good.”