Teacher Feature: Mr. Hill


Photo credit to Mr. Hill.

Leonard J. Hill is a 10th grade teacher who teaches 2 English honor classes and 2 team-taught classes. Hill has been teaching for 20 years and 16 years at West Po. He was born in Rochester, New York and grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A father and husband who enjoys reading novels which include satires like George Orwell and Jonathan Swift, he enjoys these because they provide opportunity for self reflection. 

When Hill was a high school student he didn’t think he would become a teacher. He entered the military at a young age and after his stint with them he decided he wanted to give back to the youth. “The goal is to help as many children as possible.” Mr. Hill believes students should keep an open mind, attempt to do their best,and they shouldn’t fear failure. He believes that falling short of your goals provides an opportunity to improve and grow. Knowing that you are helping is the most gratifying aspect of teaching for Hill.  The diverse community of West Po is one of his favorite things. “You just have to appreciate [it] as a teacher.” Mr Hill says as he talks about the many cultures and experiences at the school. He believes the teacher can learn from the student this way as well. He would like the students of West Po to know that they understand and want to support and help them and that they will get through these difficult times.