Teacher Feature: Ms. Nosal


Photo Credit to Ms Nosal.

Kristina Nosal has been teaching for 12 years, and this is her 11th year at West Potomac. She likes the uncertainty of the job teaching comes with, saying,  “I like working with the students and teaching them new art techniques or how to draw.”

Nosal always thought about becoming a teacher, but she always knew she would eventually become one. “I like it because I don’t always know what to expect, so it’s not boring,” she said. Ms. Nosal’s advice for her students is quite simple, “All you need to do is try your best. It’s about trying new things and being able to take risks.”

 Ms. Nosal would rather be at school than the current virtual environment. “I really miss working with kids face to face, one on one, it’s easier to work with them like that. It really feels different than being in a classroom,” she said. Her interests outside of the classroom are art, cooking, spending time outside, and reading. She also likes playing games and spending her time with her son.