Teacher Feature: Ms. Stoneburg


Photo credit to Ms. Stoneburg.

She’s back! Well, she’s been back for 4 years. Ms. Stoneburg has been teaching at West Potomac high school for 4 years since she left teaching to pursue her master’s degree. She worked as a clinical social worker, then started to miss teaching so she came back to the profession. 

What Ms. Stoneburg most enjoys about teaching is helping students learn new concepts to help them grow and be able to know anything. “I love when students have the now I get it moments,” she said.

 She also enjoys meeting new students and getting to know them better and learning how life has evolved through them. “It’s hard to create bonds and relationships with students in this pandemic than if we were to be in person,” she said. She decided to become a teacher because she had coaches, teachers, and mentors that supported her and gave her the resources to succeed. 

Ms. Stoneburg loves to socialize with people in different ways such as going to the beach, hiking, and live music venues. Her best tip for new students would be letting her help them with different assignments so she can make sure they understand and know where they are. 

The first job interest that she had when she was little was to become a veterinarian because she really loved animals. When she got a little bit older, Ms. Stoneburg changed what she wanted to be to a P.E. teacher. Her desired profession changed two times after one becoming a marine biologist, and then changing back to a veterinarian. 

Ms. Stoneburg would love to come back to school and be in person because we would be a lot more active and it would be easier to teach and learn.