Teacher Feature: Ms. Smith


Photo credit to Ms. Smith.

A math teacher, Ms. Smith’s teaching philosophy is distinct and based in understanding and interaction with her students. “[She wants students] to use what they know to build on the content and be prepared for transitioning to life outside of high school and are more prepared for college.” 

When asked about online school she explains, “the only drawbacks are not being able to print out documents and the students can’t interact with each other and me, which is important to my teaching style. But I still make it work.” 

Ms. Smith’s favorite aspect of teaching is the interaction and connections she makes with her students, and she loves the community we have here. She has a fun but educational approach, and she loves geometry because of how many projects can be assigned throughout the course. She didn’t always want to be a teacher, but many of her most important childhood experiences and memories were formed by teachers. She grew up in a poorer area, and teachers were there to help her both in class and in the community. 

“When I was 14, I came to school with my glasses broken, and one of my teachers saw me and said ‘We should get you glasses’ and went through the process of getting me new glasses and talked with the local charity to get me new glasses and a checkup at the optometrist,” Smith said. “That teacher always believed in me.”

Her teaching style and philosophy was shaped by the teachers she grew up with and she stays inspired to be the best teacher she can be for her students.