How The Changing School Year Affects The 2020-2021 Yearbook


Sneak peak of the 2020-2021 school yearbook cover.

The Yearbook is the publication of record for the school year. What will it look like in this most unusual year in The Time of Covid. Things are a lot different since the students have been doing much of the work virtually, and the safety precautions are high.

“Getting photos has been difficult since most of the photos we have were submitted from students, parents, and community members,” said Mr. Stewart Muztafago, West Po’s yearbook teacher. “In a normal school year, our yearbook photographers would attend events and take photos that way.”

Despite the challenges, students in yearbook are still working hard to get things done safely and efficiently. During class, they have been working on the spreads for the 2020-2021 yearbook. Spreads are pages in the yearbook that feature various clubs, sports teams, and other students with unique experiences. The class is split into groups where each one works on various spreads that will be put into the yearbook later on. 

“This year, we’ve based a lot of the spreads around how the pandemic has affected student’s lives,” said Natalia Bufano, freshman yearbook student.

So far, there have been 46 spread pages completed, and the next deadline will add another 45 pages to the yearbook. By the end of the year, 296 pages will be completed for the yearbook, including portraits.

“The portraits will be done through a combination of in-person pictures taken by Lifetouch, as well as student submitted portraits,” said Mr. Muztafago.

Students in yearbook are also responsible for advertising and encouraging people in the community to buy it. Informing other students on yearbook sales and how they can purchase it is a crucial part of the class. In the past, students have put up signs around the school to advertise the yearbook, but they have had to be a little more creative this year. 

“We have been using social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat to advertise the yearbook,” says Bufano. “Some students have even put up signs around their neighborhood,” she added. 

The yearbooks are still for sale and can be purchased online for $80.00 at It will be delivered over the summer, so that the entire year can be documented.