Senior Ticket Lottery for Home Football Game Friday 3/19

There will be a raffle for any Senior interested in going to the home Varsity football game this Friday against T.C. Williams. A google form was sent out to the Senior Class of 2021 Google Classroom for a chance to go watch the game in the stands. All the information needed is your name and student ID number, and you will be contacted by Thursday night if you are a winner. You have up until noon on Thursday to fill out the form. Depending on availability, the students who are not selected to attend this week’s game may have a chance to attend the Senior night game on 3/26 against Hayfield. 

However, the winners still must pay the $5 entry fee into the game, and follow all CDC social distancing and mask requirements, or you may be asked to leave. This is a chance for seniors to go to one of the many missed sporting events safely for the last time. If you have any questions, check with Ms. Borghard @[email protected]