Teacher Feature: Ms. Simpson


Photo credit to Ms. Simpson.

Ms. Simpson originally wanted to be a reading teacher and through that path also sort of fell into being an English teacher. After graduating from TC Williams high school, she started in teaching as an assistant. At that time, she helped a girl write and walk, and the child’s determination helped motivate her to continue her path.

She went to NOVA and had been planning to become an accountant, but she shifted course. After NOVA, she went to Trinity College in Washington D.C. and earned her Bachelor’s Degree. She went to graduate school at Regina University online because she was a full time caregiver to her parents. She did a student teaching program at West Po during Grad school, and eventually got a job here after her student teaching internship, and this is now her 8th year teaching.

Ms Simpson loves West Po, she said it is her home, and never wants to leave. “My favorite part about teaching is seeing kids who have a hard time understanding the concept, and helping them understand, and seeing the light bulb go off,” she explains. She calls it a light bulb moment because it fills her teaching heart to make a difference in their lives.  

This year of online school is difficult. During in-person, she can support her students much better, but she is learning how to support her students online. “It takes a lot of organization and discipline regarding deadlines,” she says is the hardest part about online learning.”

She has mostly taught ninth grade, though one year she taught tenth grade, and she enjoys teaching freshmen. She loves to see them graduate when they’re seniors, and see the progress and maturity that has happened with them over the years. “Being an English teacher is my passion.” she said.