West Potomac Serves Up Hayfield in Thrilling Victory – Volleyball


The West Potomac Varsity Volleyball team faced off against the Hayfield Hawks in a fierce district game. West Potomac’s starting line consisted of Tessa Nixon,  Arleigh Hanson, Samantha Dorn, Lauren Koelsch, Ella Westmoreland, and Victoria Blaylock.

Right off the bat, the Wolverines started off with teamwork and cooperation, with some steady passes and a strike from the team captain Tessa Nixon. Being pressured throughout the entire game, the team continued to work under pressure and they aren’t afraid to take advantage of an opportunity.

With the rough start they had in the first set, it was amazing to say the least with how they regrouped which led to an immediate 4 point lead in the 2nd set. 

As they went into the third set, while the game continued to remain even, West Po went on to show yet again, what a dominating power they had when they worked together to smack the ball over the net. It had gotten to many points where the Hawks had to call timeouts to get a break from the vicious onslaught the Wolverines had set upon them. There were many times throughout the game where it seemed as if the Hawks would gain the point, but out of nowhere one of Wolverines would dive and block the ball from hitting the ground.

The game hardly seemed even anymore after #17, Samantha Dorn, took down two opposing players with a single strike from the volleyball. It looked like serving was proving to be too much to handle for the opposing Hawks. While it seemed to be quite even in the third set, the Wolverines quickly took the lead after a serve from Dorn. 

While they were in the lead in the fourth set, the fight was not over yet. They tied consistently throughout the entire set making it difficult for one team to pull ahead. However, eventually West Po pulled ahead, refusing to be beaten in this game against Hayfield. Head Coach looked back on the win, saying. “The team showed an amazing amount of perseverance by coming back to get the 3rd set win. It was also great how they were behind slightly in the 4th quarter and ended up prevailing.”