Coronavirus Pandemic Nears End as Vaccination Process Gets Underway


Pictured is a new vaccine facility in Fairfax County.

COVID-19 vaccines in America have been developed and approved for emergency use by the FDA including those by Pfizer, Moderna, and now, Johnson and Johnson. 

Though Americans who are in good health can not get the vaccine for months because they are not high-risk people, President Biden announced that adults who want a vaccine will be eligible by May 1, which will be all 16 and up. 

“I’m going to take the vaccine when I qualify for it then I don’t have to be scared about getting the virus or giving it to my family,” Pranay Barau, sophomore, said.

As of this week, transportation and postal workers have been added to the list of people who can sign up as 1A and 1B-eligible groups are being vaccinated through dedicated vaccination clinics. Qualifying people in the county can register at Fairfax COVID-19 vaccine registration.

“When I took the vaccine I felt grateful I could go to school and teach my students in class without worrying about getting the virus,” Ms. Nosal, art teacher at West Po, said.

Those in the above categories may also currently register at CVS and Walgreens pharmacy or register for it on the COVID-19 Vaccine Registration website. The vaccine is free and ready to be received by patients who need them similar to the flu shot.