Teacher Feature – Mr. Johnson


Kevin Johnson is a mathematics teacher at West Potomac High School, and has been for the past 16 years. Mr. Johnson grew up in both his hometown Prince George’s County, Maryland, as well as Mitchellville, Maryland. When asked what inspired him to go into teaching he gave an interesting response: “Actually, I did not want to be a teacher originally. I wanted to be either an accountant or an architect, I took two years of drafting and two years of accounting in school. But my father was a mathematician and my sister majored in engineering so math was something I was always good at, so I kind of just backed into it. I got an opportunity after college and took it, and that’s what led me to where I am now.”

Mr. Johnson describes his teaching experience at West Potomac as “eventful”, saying “no two days are the same here.” He also said that he appreciates the freedom that teachers have within their classroom at West Po. When asked what is his favorite thing about teaching, Mr. Johnson replied, “Seeing the growth in my students, seeing them persevere through adversity, and not quit.”

Lastly, when asked what the main thing he tries to teach to his students is, he said: “To have an open mindset, to not quit, and to not be afraid.”