In Person Graduation is Set for West Po This Year

Varsity Girls Lacrosse post win 4/26. The field that Sherrer recalls having memories playing on and wanting to graduate on it.

Varsity Girls Lacrosse post win 4/26. The field that Sherrer recalls having memories playing on and wanting to graduate on it.

This story has been updated due to significant changes over the past few weeks. 

After months of discussion and confusion, senior graduation has finally been planned. On June 3rd, graduation will be held at West Potomac high school at 10:00 a.m. This comes after GMU, where graduation is usually held, has been turned into a vaccination site. There is a three guest limit for every senior to limit the number of total people attending the ceremony.

Previously, the plan was to have graduation on the Hayfield high school field, but the decision was then made to have it at West Po. Having graduation at West Po originally had many concerns. “I know a lot of seniors want an in person outdoor graduation, but the biggest problem with that is there is not enough parking to accommodate for that kind of event,” explained senior representative Lauren Koelsch. Overall capacity limitations will need to adhere to FCPS Covid restrictions while still trying to allow students and their families to attend the event. 

Leadership classes and SGA representatives have talked about all the choices and debated pros and cons to all. Senior representative Lauren Koelsch said, “It’s a decision made by the people above us, so leadership has no real control over it, but we do have representative meetings with Ms. Britton about the possible options.” 

Other options for the ceremony included Jiffy Lube Live stadium and inside the gym at West Po, but were not as popular. 

According to Hayfield Vice Principal Ms. Jessica Statz, the county organized five schools that will be “county sites,” making them eligible to host graduation ceremonies with their parking and capacity availability. West Po, Hayfield, and Edison high schools all were all previously scheduled to have graduation at Hayfield on their own separate days. “This is designed to give the base like West Po schools more capacity and more comfort for senior graduation,” Statz explained. 

Students are very happy and relieved to have the ceremony at their own school. “I’m graduating at the school I’ve gone to for the past 4 years and the field I had all my lacrosse memories on. And with the two person limit my brother wouldn’t have be able to come, so I’m happy he be there for the ceremony now,” said Senior Hailey Sherrer. 

Senior Lux Ray looks on the bright side, saying, “I’m just glad we all get to be together for it.”