Behind The Wheel Driving Courses Adjusting to Pandemic


Student drivers at West Potomac and throughout the state of Virginia are required to pass a guided drivers course known as ‘Behind The Wheel’ before receiving their license. As coronavirus clicked the pause button on society last year, the Behind The Wheel course was put on hold indefinitely. Fortunately, as the world continues to bounce back from the pandemic, the ‘Behind The Wheel’ course, with some changes, is back up and running. 

“It’s been great to be back teaching. I love seeing my students improve, taking them on the beltway for the first time, and witness them facing their fears,” said Tyrone Strother, who is a Behind The Wheel instructor at West Potomac; “I love driving, I love talking about driving, and I love to teach driving; it’s definitely something I missed a lot.”

Various prevention measures have been taken to limit the spread of coronavirus during instruction, “It’s a little harder to communicate to the students through a mask, but it’s a necessary precaution” said Strother.

Despite the pandemic, students are just as eager and excited to get to driving, and many have been waiting for their opportunity. 

“It was a fun and overall relaxing learning environment… the only real changes were safety precautions that I feel did not change the learning process,” said West Potomac Sophomore Abigail Schumann, who recently completed the course.

Students wanting to know where and how to sign up for the Behind The Wheel course can visit this website for more information.