Friday Night Lights Return to West Po–On Thursday


West Po Varsity before taking on Marshall at home. They take on Lee tonight.

The West Po football team will have its home opener this Thursday, September 2nd, against Wakefield High School at 7:30. 

“Currently there are no social distance guidelines that we have to enforce,” Aaron Helmick, the Director of Student Activities says. He also says that there will be no restrictions on attendance. There will be concessions, the Hype Squad will be out in full force along with the Marching Band, Dance Team, and Cheer. Fairfax County has no mask requirement for outside, but it is recommended if you’re in extended close contact with others. For all intents and purposes this game will be a trip back in time for many. 

This may come with dangers, although according to Helmick, “We work in partnership with the health department, so any of the guidelines, anything that goes on, we work hand in hand.” However, this is mainly for the athletes. They have a system for contact tracing, but if there is a case in the stands it is on the student to tell those they came in contact with.

This home opener may feel like going back in time, but the attendees will be witnessing the beginning of a new chapter for West Po football. A new chapter in a new district with a new head coach: Chadwick Louisville. 

The redistricting was caused by a change in the classification of all of the schools in FCPS. “Every school has a Class 6 classification now, causing the need to reshuffle the districts. This reshuffle took into account competition level of the schools FCPS, location of the schools, and size,” Mr. Dan Reynolds, the Assistant Director of Student Activities says. Due to this we are returning to the Patriot District, of which we were a member before the formation of the Gunston District.

So far the season is off to a good start, West Po beat McLean 30-0 at McLean last Friday. There will be dangers, but many are looking forward to this return to normalcy. Many can agree with Helmick when he says, “We’re excited to have everybody back at Friday Night Lights.”