The West Po Community Comes Together to Remember One of Our Own


On Wednesday, October 20th, the Hannah Graham Memorial Fund Exhibition Game will be held under the lights on the West Potomac High School softball field, and open to the community. The game will be preceded by a Remembrance Ceremony, which will be held at 6:00, and will announce HEG Memorial Scholarship Fund, which has benefited seven different charities that each impacted Hannah’s life in different ways. 

Hannah Graham was an excellent student at West Potomac and University of Virginia, and an avid lover of softball, French, and helping others, contributing to Habitat for Humanity’s projects in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She lived most of her life in Stratford Landing, Alexandria, and graduated from West Potomac High School in 2013, and now lives on through her parents and those who donate to the HG foundation.

“She loved to play center field and to hit—she particularly loved getting on base and then teasing [her other coach] about being taller than him,” said Karen Walker, one of Graham’s former coaches

The charities range from those that support youth that are at risk for sexual violence or assault, advocating about the dangers and educating for awareness of sexual assault. This year’s fund has a 20,000 dollar goal for a scholarship endowment of at least $500 for any eligible senior from each of the teams from which Graham played. The game will follow the ceremony and start at 6:30. The players participating will be from any of the three teams that Hannah played on over the years: West Po Wolverines, Mount Vernon Magic, and Fort Hunt Youth Association’s Tsunamis. 

Many people who knew Hannah said that she would change the world. She did, though not in the way anybody expected. Hannah enabled law enforcement to apprehend a serial rapist and murderer who had been hiding in plain sight in Charlottesville for years, and for that she is a heroine,” according to the memorial website. 

If you would like to donate to the HG foundation, you can mail a check that can be paid to the Hannah Graham Memorial Fund to 1102 Finley Lane, Alexandria, VA 22304, , and all proceeds will go directly to the Fund account.