Teacher Feature – Mr. Ross

When asked why he chose the job he did at West Potomac, Jeremiah Ross replied with “Being an athlete all my life, I enjoyed how the body works and I enjoyed lifting.” He works at West Potomac because it’s very similar to a very diverse area where he grew up in, in Southern California. He teaches personal Fitness because he wants our students to improve their physical performance and health through exercise., and he does an amazing job at it, might I add.

 While looking at his 1st period personal fitness class, it’s clear to me that the kids in that class are committed to exercising and love that class, and without a doubt it’s due to Coach Ross’s teaching. I’m certain that if I were to join personal fitness, I would love having Coach Ross as a teacher because I know he would be committed to helping me improve my physical health and help make me the best me I can be.

He coaches football because it is the best thing he could do besides play and as a way to give back to the community, the same way his coaches did for him and his old teammates. In his free time, just like a born and bred athlete, he likes to work out, sounds like a pfit teacher to me , play athletic games with his daughters, cook, and just spend time with his family in general.

 He believes the football team will do well the rest of the season with their tough schedule in the patriot district. He’s been coaching and teaching for about 21 years in general and about 9 years at west potomac and plans to continue on for many more years.