Student Movement in Advisory Starts Today


Starting Jan. 27, students will no longer travel to S periods during their advisory block. The first part of the block will be advisory as usual, however, what was previously S rotation time has been repurposed. What has been S rotation, the return period where students went to each class one extra time over a  2 week period, will now be called Wolverine Student Support Time. 

Brett Garner, administrator of the West Po Academy, said in a video shown in advisory that the change is so that students can move to get support from teachers. 

For Wolverine Student Support Time students may visit a teacher by either their or the teacher’s request in advance, receive passes to go to the library or auditorium for study time, or remain within their advisory classrooms. Only students who are in good academic standing will be free to go to the library or auditorium. Students who are not in good academic standing (students with below a C- in any class) will remain with their advisory for the full period for academic, attendance, or behavioral advisory. 

“I’m excited to go to the auditorium,” Moises Hernandez, freshman, said.

Students who wish to travel to the library during Wolverine Student Support time must go to the library before the first bell rings and receive one of only seventy five passes that the librarians will be distributing for that day. To ensure students are not overwhelming the library’s capacity, students who did not receive a library pass for that day will not be allowed inside. 

“I don’t like the change. I like S-periods because I like to go different places. I get to see all my friends in different classes and we get to talk a little—not like when it’s a real class,” David Hurd, a freshman, said.

Some Juniors and Seniors recall when they were allowed movement during the S-rotation periods prior to Covid. “When we could do test corrections during S-periods it helped,” said Nick Castrilli, senior.