Teacher Feature: Ms. Gervacio

Aimee Gervacio, known as Ms. G. to lots of students, is a cross-stitching master who teaches English at West Po. She teaches both honors and on level English 12, along with English 9. 


Ms. G cherishes every moment with her students. She has gained a lot from her first four months of teaching, and has learned to not take things for granted.  Simply saying “hi” or “good morning” could have a huge impact on teachers and students alike. She also enjoys the little things her students do that make her laugh or small moments that are special to her, especially when she’s having hard days. She loves seeing them learn through her lessons  and watching them grow throughout the year. 


A graduate of Virginia Tech for her undergraduate degree, she’s currently attending George Mason for her Master’s. Her love for books and reading led her to her major in English, as she also learned how to appreciate the processes of writing and creative writing.


While Ms. G enjoys reading, journaling, watching Netflix and, of course, cross stitching. She also likes to travel. She has been to France and took French in her junior year in highschool. She’s been to California, Colorado, Canada, Spain, Dominican Republic and the Philippines, where her family is from.


Ms. G. receives a lot of advice and support from her fellow teachers. She enjoys working with students to help them grow through the year, and credits her department with providing support. “I’m lucky to have such a welcoming and helpful community in the English department,” Ms. G. says.