As They Come to The Halfway Mark, Seniors Move Towards The Next Step


A main part of being a senior in high school is the college application process. The process is different for everyone, with students being at different stages. At this time in January, seniors involved in the process are most likely committed to a college through early decision, waiting for decisions from the early action or regular decision date, or choosing a school.

Senior Alisha Hassan completed all her college applications early and is now choosing where she wants to attend. “Pre-November, everything was done. Most of it was summer work that I completed,” she says.

Senior Jocelyn Dulaney, who just recently finished her applications, recommends getting started on the process early. “Look at colleges, go on visits, and attend information sessions,” she says.

Getting an early start on the process has proven to be beneficial. With many college application deadlines being during the start/mid of the school year, completing some application steps can help lower some stress. But, the challenge of balancing college applications and school work is still difficult for many.

Hassan comments, “First quarter was really hard and that’s what colleges look at. With all that AP coursework and college prep work, it’s definitely been hard to balance and the first quarter is really important for seniors.”
Dulaney adds, “It was definitely stressful. Sometimes it felt like there wasn’t a whole lot of guidance … there’s so many details.”

The whole college application process can be daunting, so it’s important to use resources, even if they have to be searched upon. Hassan was able to have help from her counselor and an outside program to proofread her application and guide her through the process.

“If you don’t have guidance, you pretty much could get lost in it for hours,” she says.

Hassan even found support from her sister, saying, “If my older sister didn’t exist before me to do the whole process, I don’t think I would’ve known who to ask and where to go.”

Everyone’s support can be personalized, as not everyone gets the same information on the intricate college application process. Every senior’s relationship with their counselor can also be different.

“I wish counselors would not just ask what you’re doing or where you’re applying, but direct you on what things can help you, like a program,” Hassan says. “There’s not always an equal opportunity for information,” she adds.

The college application process is a right of passage for seniors as they near the end of their high school careers. It allows them to analyze their past experiences and accomplishments by putting their personal essays and past achievements on an application.

Hassan says, “You need to bring up these old records of things you’ve done and something that’s significant in your life. There’s so many significant points in your life … what makes you