Gaming Site Raises Funds by Bundle

Gaming Site Raises  Funds by Bundle

Game distributing site raised more than six million dollars for Ukraine in March, split between the International Medical Corps and Voices of Children charities. sold a bundle with 998 products for $10, with the option to donate more.

If each game was bought individually, the cost would have costmore than$6,000. Several hit games were included; platformer Celeste, puzzle shooter Superhot, puzzler Baba is You, and puzzler Wandersong are the most popular.

The International Medical Corps are first responders currently focusing on Ukraine. They also provide training to the people they help in order to have the populace be stronger after they rebuild. Voices of Children is a Ukrainian organization that has helped children deal with PTSD and readjusting to school since 2015. More recently, they’ve had to spend their time and money setting up shelters. The goal is to sufficiently fund them so they can have enough resources to help children again.