Uncharted: A National Treasure


Image Credit: Sony Pictures

Uncharted is a quality Tom Holland epic where Treasure Island’s treasure hunting meets the comedy of The Other Guys. As someone who’s played every Uncharted game multiple times, I can absolutely say that this was an incredible adaptation. Tom Holland portrayal of Nathan Drake is spot on, blending his grizzled charisma of the present Nathan Drake in the game and the naive and quick witted young adult Nathan Drake from the flashbacks in the game. Mark Wahlberg did a pretty good job with Sully showing off his seasoned, yet deeply caring personality. Wahlberg showed his emotional depth and sometimes incredible acting ability in this movie, playing off of Tom Holland very well. Holland and Wahlberg are an incredibly charismatic and funny duo, showing many levels of companionship. Sophia Ali also did a fantastic job with Chloe although the many convoluted twists are a bit annoying, the character was handled well. The remainder of the cast also did a pretty good job with their roles as well.


In terms of the story, they really nailed that Uncharted feel. The globe-trotting, treasure hunting feel was persistent throughout the whole movie and it honestly felt like something out of the game. The slower moments of solving puzzles and unraveling the mystery was translated very well. The action was incredibly choreographed, the high energy feel really made Nate’s more improvisational side to his combat feel real. The set pieces were some of the most beautiful I have seen, the mix of old and new set pieces were really great to see and they really nailed the energy and intensity that you would traditionally feel if you were playing through them in the games.


Overall, this was a fantastic movie adaptation that really captured the feel of the Uncharted games while still managing to be a fresh take of its own! Whether you’re a longtime fan of the series or you’re completely new to it, you’ll absolutely have fun with this movie.