A Farewell From an Editor


As a senior in high school, you’re supposed to have your life figured out. You’re supposed to know where you stand in your social life or what your career is going to look like. Yet some of us still don’t.


During my freshman year, I was curious of what the blue and white walls of West Potomac would offer me. They were full of new people and doors that could start a journey to a future career. As a timid freshman, this was overwhelming and frightening. What if one decision could lead me down the wrong path? In all honesty, that’s a part of the learning process. It’s important to explore new things and I now wish I had branched out more that year.


In sophomore year, I began to feel more comfortable with where I was. But, classes were getting harder and there were lots of things I had to work to get to. It was a year of pushing through, as you’re still trying to figure out where you stand but don’t want to seem as cowardly as a freshman.


Junior year was different, as all current seniors would say. It almost seemed like we were sitting in the back of a car, watching the world go by slowly with little control over where we were going. We were somewhat isolated, forced to learn online and feel increasingly disconnected from others. And yet, this was a time for people to reflect and focus on how they as an individual grow and learn. During this time, I became more understanding of how I achieve goals in life and that every effort starts with you. 


Senior year was a year of fresh possibilities. After the “pause” of junior year, it almost felt like we were starting new, except somehow it was our last year of high school. There were football games, dances, banquets, and parties that allowed us to truly live out the last of our teenage lives. This year was where I was able to take my last chance at branching out and leave no regrets as I enter the summer. There were stressful times, such as the college application process, a new grading scale, adjusting to going to school in a pandemic, and just an over flux of things we hadn’t experienced last year. But, it has tested my adaptability and made me stronger in the face of uncertainty. By keeping my mind set on my end goal, I was able to get through the year with memories and experiences I will never forget.


As I leave high school satisfied, it was thanks to my own efforts to explore my interests. From trying three different sports, becoming an editor for The Wire, taking a psychology class, and so much more, I have developed an understanding of how each interest has expanded my character. Because of all these activities, it’s hard to decide on one path to continue on or know exactly where I fit in. But, that’s just a fact of life. Being unsure of where you stand prompts you to explore what is out there and makes you more adaptable to change. As underclassmen advance through high school, I hope they keep in mind how they can expand their horizons and achieve their own end goals.