QuizUp: A New Kind of Trivia Game

When browsing the “Top Charts” of the app store, the same style of games are shown. The games where the sole purpose is to win against all of your friends. This style indeed dominates the market. Included in these apps is the increasingly popular QuizUp.

QuizUp is an uprising trivia game where you quiz friends on categories of your choice. Designed by Plain Vanilla Corp, it claims to be the biggest trivia game in the world. And it very well may be.

QuizUp has over 280 topics to quiz friends on and over 100,000 questions. With topics such as trending books and movies, or music from the 60s to the modern pop of today, QuizUp dives deep into the customization of categories. The company is constantly updating their category options, and these usually pertain to trendy subjects such as Holidays or Game Days. Plain Vanilla Corp goes as far as to even let you suggest categories.

QuizUp, with the diverse selection of categories, appeals to a very wide crowd. If the player is a bookworm, the selection is wonderful. If the player is a music lover, he or she can choose the exact generation of a certain genre they enjoy the most. The game even offers a rather strange array of categories, including “Logos” and “Herbs and Spices.” That isn’t even scratching the surface of the questions and categories.

The game itself is set up in an organized fashion, and not at all difficult to maneuver. It starts off with choosing a friend or a random opponent to go up against for a game of wits. Afterward, it allows you to specify on which category you wish to be quizzed on.

When entering the quiz, a series of questions are asked about the chosen topic. For instance, if The Hunger Games is chosen, the game would ask questions like, “What was injected into the arms of the tributes before the beginning of the Hunger Games?” In only 10 seconds, players must quickly choose one the four answers available, hoping for the right one. If the chosen answer is correct, points are earned.

The amount of points earned per question vary on how quickly the answer is chosen.  When the game is through, the player with the most points wins. If the game is continuously played, the player can unlock perks and titles for their profile. The more games played in a certain category of trivia, the harder the levels and opponents will be to beat.

The characteristics of this game makes it addicting. Immense satisfaction is gained when a friend is beaten in a favorite category. Those highs and lows make the game that much more fun. Plain Vanilla Corp put in copious amounts of effort to make this app flow, fun, and time consuming and it has paid off. QuizUp shares similarities with previously popular apps such as Draw Something and Words With Friends, where the need to be better than friends is heightened after playing one time through. This entertaining app is well worth the download.