Sophomore Schultz Creates Masthead


Hannah Mei Steury

Sophomore, Phoebe Schultz, holding the spring edition of The Wire.

After years of having the same masthead, The WP Wire’s Phoebe Schultz, sophomore, created a new one. The masthead can be seen in the newspaper and on The West Potomac Wire’s website at
The journalism class decided to change the masthead to modernize it and have a new look especially because the class is consistently distributing 4 print editions a school year now.

“The new look is just more classic and easy going,” Noah Elshami, a junior, said.
Schultz has taken digital art for the past 2 years. While making the masthead, she thought about the colors that represent the school and the different types of fonts, then she incorporated both of them together and made some samples. Schultz said that digital art “has helped me a lot with navigating illustrator, which is the software we use.”
After that, the journalism class voted on what they liked best, and have since used it on the website and the print issue of the paper beginning with this year’s spring issue.