Why This Year’s World Cup Is a Big Deal To Fans, Old and New


Image: FIFA

The World Cup begins tomorrow with a bang, kicking off with Qatar Vs. Ecuador. Qatar is hosting this year’s World Cup, but due to the weather, FIFA decided to move the event, typically held in the summer, to the months of November and December. 

When the World Cup is mentioned, big countries come to mind like the five-time-winner Brazil or the four-time-winner Germany. Many famous soccer players are playing their last World Cup like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Neymar. The U.S. Men’s team (USMNT) didn’t make the last World Cup, but they are back this year. “The atmosphere is electric and it is only every 4 years, the rarity makes it that much better.” Freshman Kai Maxwell Bundy said. 

The U.S National team’s first match will be Monday, November 21 against Wales. The U.S is in a difficult group matched up with England, Iran, and Wales. The U.S has many young talented players in the top European leagues like Weston McKennie and Christian Pulisic among others.

Many West Po soccer fans are ecstatic about each major game. The World Cup succeeds at giving a person a reason to watch these games to see if their team wins whether they’re from the USA, Mexico, Australia, Japan, or even this year’s host, Qatar. “It’s soccer and we can support our favorite players. For sure Messi is gonna win…”  Sophomore Christopher Hernandez Ramirez said.

Many kids are supporting countries only because their favorite players are going to be on that team. “I will support the USA because I was born here and Senegal because they are the dark horses,” Freshman Kai Maxwell Bundy said.