Teacher Feature: Mrs. Martinez


Mrs. Martinez is one of the many teachers at West Potomac high school; the only classes she teaches are Spanish 2 and Spanish 3. Even though Mrs. Martinez has been a teacher for 11 years, this is her first year teaching at West Potomac. What drove Mrs. Martinez to become a teacher? She always loved the school environment and she also enjoyed teaching kids new things. It also keeps her young. To become a teacher she attended University of Puerto Rico and Florida International university. The sport she enjoys watching the most is college football, her favorite team is The Black Knights.


Born August second, Mrs. Martinez grew up in Puerto Rico as an only child. Her first language was Spanish. Her husband works in the military and she has three kids, two girls and one boy. Well not kids anymore, they’re all adults now. When Mrs. Martinez is not teaching, she enjoys watching tv shows and movies like many of us. We all have our favorite things. Mrs. Martinez’s favorite drink is hot chocolate. In addition her favorite foods are Pastry’s doughnuts, cakes and cookies. Mrs. Martinez’s favorite thing to do is watch Tv. Mrs. Martinez enjoys traveling, is a big dog person. She has two dogs named Hershey and Kissy one a Yorkie and the other a shih tzu.