January 2023 Horoscope


Happy new year to all! The first month of 2023 has a lot in store astrologically. Though a Mars and Mercury retrograde occupy the beginning days of the year, they soon transition to direct and any concerns about focus or communication are promptly left behind. Most of January consists of Capricorn season but the sun will enter Aquarius on the 20th. Important planetary transits include a full moon in Cancer on the 6th and Mars in Gemini throughout the entire month. Read on to find out what’s in store for your sun sign this month!


Aries: This month will be a time of reflection for you. Take a moment to revisit important moments in your life that have shaped you into the person you are today. Now is a period of motion for you, but don’t forget who you are. Consider your strong foundation in times of adversity. Thank family and friends, reach out. Shifting tides never shake you, Aries—be strong.


Taurus: This month, expect significant change and new opportunities in your life. Spice up your daily routine and try something new. Productivity will be high for you in the coming weeks, so you might find yourself with more spare time than usual. Pick up a new hobby, take that chance you’ve been thinking about. Though you tend to avoid change, try spontaneity this month. You never know what might happen!


Gemini: This month, dive into the philosophical side of life. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will continue through a retrograde for about a week, meaning your typical methods of conversation might stall. Think deeper, consider signs more thoughtfully, and take some time for independent reflection. If you don’t keep your eyes open, a clear message might bypass you completely.


Cancer: This month, you’re in the spotlight. The moon rules your sign, and it will be full and set in Cancer very soon. New opportunities will find you, but don’t turn them away. 2023 will be very transformative for you, but you cannot grow without first allowing yourself to recognize flaws. Ask for advice, read opinion columns, take recommendations. This is the start of a new you!


Leo: This month, ground yourself. Your priority should be achieving goals and focusing on tasks you’ve been procrastinating. Superficiality will only harm you—try your best to keep your eyes on the road and look at the big picture. Do some research, read a self-improvement book, listen closely. Others will appreciate your newfound perspective on life.


Virgo: This month, prioritize yourself. Don’t downplay things that you enjoy—life isn’t just about keeping everything in order. Treat yourself to some time alone, light a candle, and appreciate the little things. Recharge when you have the chance and stop letting your goals tie you down to a singular road. You deserve this time off!


Libra: This month, connect with your roots. Movement might be slowing down for you, but don’t take this as a bad sign. Consider it an opportunity to solidify who you are as a person and grow from there when you feel like you’re ready. Take a personality quiz, research an interest of yours, ask for others’ opinions. You might not find the meaning of life, but you can add a new perspective to it.


Scorpio: This month, place an emphasis on communication and understanding. Be cautious of roadblocks in your interactions, and you’ll find January quite enjoyable. This should be a time for you to be free and indulge in your favorite things. You might have been feeling behind in the final months of 2022, but this is your chance to get ahead! Write in a journal, fill out your planner, set reminders. Only you can control your success.


Sagittarius: This month, slow down and plan it out. Your usual tendency to act in the moment could fail you if you start moving too fast. Enjoy the quiet moments in your life, take advantage of the occasional silence. Try yoga or meditation to dim the bright lights in your mind that distract you. There’s no shame in taking your life day by day and working hard for stability.


Capricorn: This month, find your inner peace. Lately, life has been quite hectic for you and the last Mercury retrograde has taken a toll on your concentration. If you find yourself feeling aloof or with your head in the clouds more than usual, take time to refocus. Put yourself and your livelihood first, and take care of those around you later. Your mind will thank you.


Aquarius: This month, expect the unexpected. New opportunities are headed your way, so keep your eyes open. Your mind might be feeling cloudy but the stars assure that you have good fortune coming your way. Change allows for deep introspection—take advantage of it and find something out about yourself you might not have known before.

Pisces: This month, listen to those around you. The universe is sending you a message but it seems like you’ve kept your ears closed the past month. Think deeply, ask questions, and seek clarity. The Mercury retrograde has been dulling communication but the time has come to open your mind to change once again. Good things are headed your way, you just have to accept them.