Winter Horoscopes


Happy February, Wolverines! This month continues Aquarius season through February 18, when the sun will enter Pisces, the final sign on the astrological calendar. There will be a full moon in Leo on February 5, a conjunction between Venus and Neptune on the 15th, and a Moon to Venus conjunction on the 22nd. To find out more about
what these could mean for your sun sign, read on!

Aries – This month, be kind to yourself. Avoid overcommitting and spreading yourself out too much, as
you’ll end up stressed and exhausted. Go with what you feel, not what you think you should be doing to enhance
productivity. Think about what you really want and lead yourself in the direction you know is right.

Taurus – This month, be your best self. You might be feeling busy or overwhelmed, consumed by the workload you take on. You are driven, Taurus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the little things. Relax and unwind, do
what makes you happy. Or maybe you could try something new—you never know what new inspiration you might

Gemini – This month, take the spotlight. Now is your chance to shine! Your talents and skills define you, Gemini—show them off. This is the time for you to take that chance you’ve been thinking about, add some spice to your daily life. The world is no fun without time for the extravagant. Be yourself and you’ll succeed.

Cancer – This month, get creative. It seems like you need to change something up, whether it be the people you surround yourself with or the environment that you’re in. Explore new possibilities, talk to new people, or go somewhere you’ve never been to before. You need a new source of inspiration, but you’ll never find it un-
less you look.

Leo – This month, tap into your strengths. You know what you’re capable of, Leo, and using your talents to help others will allow you to grow as well. Give support to both friends and strangers, be as selfless as you can, and
you’ll find your own ego boosted. You possess the power of motivation—use it!

Virgo – This month, allow yourself to indulge in small things. Your intense focus will lead you nowhere if you
deny yourself the simple pleasures life has to offer. If you see someone walking their puppy, go pet it. It’ll be good for your soul. Enjoy the memories you’ve made over the years, and try to make some new ones, too.

Libra – This month, ground yourself. It seems you’ve been in quite a hectic state lately, and the most important thing for you to do is get things in order. You’re tired of being busy, Libra—balance your schedule and work out
a routine that helps you stay focused while relieving unnecessary stressors. You’re in need of a fresh start, there’s
no better time than the present.

Scorpio – This month, nothing is too frivolous for you. You’ve been working hard to reach your goals, and it seems like your life has become a bit too serious. Indulge in your hobbies, don’t worry about wasting time or the things
you need to catch up on. You’ve been in need of a nice break for a while, Scorpio. Just remember, no time is
wasted when you’re having fun!

Sagittarius – This month, you need a break. Some important events in your life are coming to a close, or perhaps
they’ve been put on the back burner for now. Given this time of freedom, take your chance to rest. There’s noth-
ing wrong with recharging, Sagittarius—in fact, it will help your success in the long run!

Capricorn – This month, look around and observe. Take note of things you
might have found insignificant before, as they could take on a new importance in the near future. Find beauty in everything that surrounds you. It seems like appreciating the little things will help you understand the big picture.

Aquarius – This month, your wellbeing should be your first priority. You’ve been working hard for your
goals lately, maybe a bit too intensely. Be grateful for the things you have, but don’t dwell on the things you don’t. Appreciate your life for what it is, and this mindset will lead you to find what you truly need.

Pisces – This month, let your emotions reign. You might feel that the hustle and bustle of daily life forces your anxiety to wait, but bottling your emotions up will only make them worse. Be transparent with those around you,
and talk to people about what’s going on. You don’t have to be the listener one hundred percent of the time, Pisces—you matter too.