Celebrate Black History Month With a Spirit Week


West Potomac HS

Calendar for Black History Month Spirit Week, found on the West Potomac HS website

West Po will celebrate Black History this month in many ways including a spirit week, and the Black Student Union (BSU) has organized a clothing drive. The clothing drive is to give to families in Accra, Ghana. 

Students and staff can celebrate by taking part in the spirit days: 


Black out day


Wear red


Wear clothes that represent your heritage


HBCU (historical black college university) Day/ College day


Flashback to 2000’s dress up  

The announcements will feature African American facts each day through the month. The facts were curated by the BSU.  I wanted to give students more effects of people that I know that they don’t know other than people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, because when Black History Month comes around, those are the people that are always talked about but there are 1000 others that I think students should know,” Ms. Terry, BSU adviser, said.

Black history month and black history in general is important to many teachers and students and they would like to acknowledge other information and news rather than the basics. “Black History Month means a lot to me as being a person of color. When I was a young child, my mom always instilled into me who I was as a person. So and you know, the lineage of the history of what I came from so that’s why it’s very important to me. And not only is it important to me for just that month. It’s 365 days here for me,” Ms. Terry said.

Black history month gallery showing off Black culture such as African American singers, actors, actresses and protestors through pictures located outside room 141 created by Mr. Larry Cooper. A copy of the photo of the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics is on display outside room 729.