New Tardy Policy Takes Effect


Sara Lainez

New tardy policy is hoping to keep halls clear.

Dr. Millard informed students about a new policy regarding school attendance and tardies via email where she explained West Po’s significant increase in excused absences, and how our rates pre-pandemic have doubled from 14% to 30% recently.  It included a chart regarding the tardies that states the consequences of the amount of tardies a student could receive which range from teachers contacting parents to up to 2 days of ISS.

Students have different views and opinions on the new policy regarding tardiness. “School is already stressful itself, they’re making it even more stressful by bringing all these new policies into place,” Zye’ Howard, a sophomore, said.

Some students also don’t agree with the issue of administration being out during class time monitoring and stopping students in the halls, “Hall passes are something I don’t agree with, Some people need little breaks to walk alone,” Essence Mack- Moore, a sophomore, said. “They’re punishing everyone for really just a group of students who don’t do the correct thing, they also boost these new rules really without not doing anything,” Andrew Colasanto, a junior, added. 

In the past, many rules have been tried to be enforced at West Po, but many are being unsuccessful.

“I feel like every rule they make they try to enforce, but never keep up with it, I think this new rule will only last for 2 weeks and then be gone.”

— Pricilla Diaz

Other students and teachers think the new policy will cause a change in student behavior, “Not many people would be scared, but that one low group will start to change and see the consequences, especially seniors and the privileges that will start to be taken away,” said administrator Mr. Donnell Fisher.”

According to Mr.Fisher the Students Rights & Responsibilities (SR&R) states that admin has the right to neglect any extra curricular activities, such as prom and school dances. “We haven’t been really strict on this or have been actually checking, but it’s always been there and we’re looking into reinforcing it in a way that’s stricter to avoid any chaos getting out of control even more, especially with the class coming in next year,” stated Mr. Fisher. 

Starting the year 2023-2024, students with a huge amount of absences and tardies will not be able to participate in sports. “We’re making sure coaches understand this and ask for their collaboration as well,” he said.

I think this is good because it’s getting people on the right track. I also think some people might not care, but it’s a good idea,”  Magy Soto, a senior, said.

In the upcoming weeks we’ll see if this new rule will actually work and make a difference in our school or if the rule will go unenforced and the school will continue to have this problem with tardiness and absences going on.