Pi for Pie Day


Annie Ghaffari

Pi for Pie Day poster spread on The Wire’s socials (@thewpwire) encourages West Po students to compete in the competition

In celebration of Pi Day, March 14, The Wire hosted a Pi for Pie Day competition through all lunches. Students were encouraged to come up to our table and recite as many pi digits as they could recall. Four lucky winners with the most digits recited would receive a gift certificate to Bob & Edith’s Diner.

“A” lunch started off slow with only a few here and there that had the courage to show what they knew. However, before we knew it a line started to form with students eager to recite the infinite number. One student, Bret Bolander, blew it out of the park, reciting all of the digits we had on our cheat sheet, which was about 100.

“I know about 400,” he said when asked what was the most he had recited.

He knew he could do more, so we pulled up a longer sequence on the computer and he got to work, ultimately saying 468 digits of pi. As the lunches went on, more and more students exercised their knowledge and numerous exceeded 20 digits. How much of pi can you remember?


This story was updated on March 17, 2023 due to irregularities in the contest.